Table Tennis

Table Tennis

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  • kettler-TT

    Kettler Weather-Proof Automatic Table Tennis Table

    Kettler Weather-Proof Automatic Table-Tennis Table is suitable for indoor/ outdoors, and is extremely durable. Made in Germany.
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  • TT_top

    Table Tennis Top

    Convert your pool table into a table tennis table!
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  • cornilleau-tacteo1

    Tacteo Paddle ( Cornilleau)

    The Cornilleau Tacteo is a long lasting table tennis paddle made in France suitable for indoor or outdoor and heavy usage.
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  • perform500_2

    Perform 500 Paddle (Cornilleau)

    The AERO technology in the Perform 500 bat provides excellent contact with the ball. Featuring powerful grip its coverings guarantee you consistent trajectories and spin with every single shot. Ideal ALL/OFF player.
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  • perform800

    Perform 800 Paddle (Cornilleau)

    Thanks to its DYNACELL sponge and its dynamic blade, the Perform 800 bat is a reference for OFF players. The AERO and OFC technologies provide ball control and good contact, whilst the powerful grip displayed by its coverings ensures consistent trajectories and spin with every single shot.
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  • nexeox70_1

    Nexeo X70 Paddle (Cornilleau)

    This is a fast, high-precision bat, thanks to its sponge-backed smooth rubber cover. The materials selected offer improved resistance to shocks and weather conditions. The Nexeo X70 has great durability, without compromising quality of play.
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